January 23, 2012

The 1880's Were a Great Time

I recently came across a Google application that allows you to search Google books for case-sensitive phrases.

I of course had to search "vagina", and since it was case-sensitive, "Vagina."

Check out the 1880's!  

So what the hell was going on in the 1880's?  Well, as some people may know, when female patients suffered from hysteria, doctors would give a "pelvic massage" to the point of orgasm.  Of course, the next step up from massage is dildo, and the next step up from that is electromechanical vibrators. 

In the early 1880's, the first electromechanical vibrator was made, presumably by Dr. Joseph Mortimer Granville.

And of course, I'm not the only one to put naughty words into this search tool.  One person did more research and found that one of the most popular words in the 1880's was vagina.



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