October 26, 2011

F*** My Life (Fallout: New Vegas)

I'm currently playing Fallout: New Vegas, mainly because I like wasting tonnes of my time.

One of the many time sinks I play.

But holy God fucks, is it buggy.  I'm about 20 hours into this game (mainly due to the fact that I keep dying because of fucking Giant Radscorpions, seriously, fuck these guys) and I've encountered a known bug called the "Black Screen Crash" which is a very well known glitch that occurs when entering the New Vegas strip.  Yeah, you know, New Vegas?  If you are wondering whether the New Vegas strip is important, you might want to look at the name of the game again.

Getting around the glitch requires "wearing the old cowboy hat."  But guess what, I some how managed to get into the strip and do some quests and end up in a building before the glitch started happening.  So now I'm stuck in a building attempting to find some random hat and hoping to God it's somewhere in here...

If I can't get the hell out of this building without the game crashing in the next hour, then FUCK THIS GAME.

UPDATE: Ok, fuck this game.  I can't find a hat worthy of fixing the bug.  So, now I'm just going to find some spoilers to see how the game ends.  God dammit. 


Skylark Lenny said...

That... that really sucks... :(

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