April 15, 2012

Twitter's Bootstrap

Sometime you come across something so great and awesome, that you can't believe it didn't exist before.  And today, that thing is Bootstrap, From Twitter.  Bootstrap is "simple and flexible HTML, CSS and Javascript for popular use interface components and interactions."

In a nutshell, Bootstrap, From Twitter is a great framework to start building your own website upon that includes a beautiful layout, buttons, icons, color scheme, and much more that you can start piecing together.

The clean colors, components, and toolbars are great for bootstrapping your development and getting a nice head-start in designing.

Some of the major features that come with Bootstrap are:

  • A Fluid Grid System
  • Prestyled Tables
  • Form Controls
  • Navigation Components
  • Javascript Plugins (such as a Carousel)
If you want to kick start your web application development, go check out Bootstrap, From Twitter!


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