October 12, 2011

Mark Hears a Duck: Page 8

This took forever to get up online.  Here's the quick story:

My computer stopped working today after I managed to render the video of my making this page.  Luckily I use Dropbox and external drives for most of my important projects, so not much was lost.  Hopefully I'll find the extended warranty receipt I have for the laptop.  I'll try and get the hard drive copied and get a new computer ASAP.  I don't know how this will affect tomorrow's comic. I'll try to get GIMP installed on my server computer and get it drawn, but I can't promise anything.  Sorry.

So, yeah, that's the story of that.  Man, today was a busy day.  I also have a video for you guys of me drawing this comic:

But wait, there's more!

Katelyn, Ryan and I have been working on a movie idea for quite some time now, and we are hoping to get it funded through Kickstarter, so look out for that!  Here's the website for the movie: http://flamesofredfield.ideabirth.org/ . 

So yeah, there's been a lot going on today.  And I have a physics test today after I wake up... so that will be fun in a sort of sadistic way.  See ya' tomorrow!


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