January 26, 2012

Like, Share, and Other Facebook Shit (LOL!)

Why do I even go on Facebook anymore?  It used to so much more professional than MySpace.  I think that was the reason I got a Facebook account.  In fact, I can't even remember why I registered.  It was probably for some stupid event where we all thought we would stay connected by becoming "Friends" on Facebook.  As if friendship was some sort of status update and friends are a commodity that could be tabulated.

All I see on Facebook is a bunch of stupid status updates with the word "LOL" in them and people sharing shit they didn't make.  I don't care about a picture of an LOLCAT you found online; I'd rather see your attempt at an LOLCAT.  But no, Facebook is devoid of that sort of creativity.  Occasionally some one will share a link to a post they've written or a website they've made.  Or maybe they posted pictures of a project they just completed.

GREAT!  I'll definitely check them out!  I love reading original content and seeing friends accomplish things.  It reminds me that people have creativity and that these are the people I can springboard ideas off of.  New content inspires new content.  Sharing old shit from the web doesn't inspire anybody.  No one cares except those so devoid of creativity that they find reposted material thought provoking.

The only thing thought provoking about reposted images and memes is how people are dumb enough to keep sharing them on Facebook.  It's mind boggling really.

Is there a Facebook filter I can apply to remove the reposts, "LOL" status updates, and the general noise that is my Facebook feed?  Or is the point of Facebook to just vomit onto a text field and share it with everyone I know?

Is there even really a point to Facebook?  What do I use it for?  Sharing links?  There's Twitter for that now.  Connecting with friends?  That's why I have text messaging on my phone. Sharing pictures?  I haven't posted a picture in forever.

I guess the only reason I'm there is that there's some momentum behind it and everyone is already there.  Maybe if I just ignore all the noise it'll be okay.  But there is so much God damn noise.

You know what?  I'm looking forward to this stupid Timeline shit now.  Maybe it'll make people think twice about when they say shit like "LOL G0t so sMASHED with JESSICA LSAT Night! LOL!" because then it'll show up in their stupid timeline and their children will be able to find out the exact night that they were conceived.

Now I'm not saying Facebook sucks.  No, Google+ sucks (but I'll save that for a different rant).  But Facebook as become so diluted with meaningless text and shares that it's ridiculous.  It's become like Twitter but more annoying.  At least with Twitter, people post their shit and not someone else's tired old shit.

I think that's enough ranting for today, I need to get a paper edited to get published.


Anonymous said...

Facebook = pointless.
I'm guessing that you hate tumblr as well, since that's literally nothing but reblogging (aside from those random one in a million creators of the content).

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