April 07, 2012

Trying Out New Styles

When I usually design a website, I stick to a few rules:

  1. Stick with neutral colors.
  2. The majority of people like blue, so use it as the accent color.
  3. The Header and Navigation should go on top and take up as little room as possible.
  4. The main content should take up the most space.
So when I started making a small webpage for my resume and projects, I decided to try a few different things for once:

  • No gray allowed.
  • No blue allowed.
  • Put the navigation on the left.
The main content is still the focus, but the rest of my rules are now being replaced.  Currently, here is the layout of the website:


Ryan Taylor said...

I enjoy the simplicity

chris helms said...

Looks great. I really wish I knew someone who could help me make mine look more professional.

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