May 03, 2012

CSS3 Generator

There's a nifty little tool available at that gives developers some quick options to generate CSS3 code snippets.  This generated code also gives code for nice degrading, so if someone using IE6 comes along and views your CSS3 page, they will still get a degraded version of your styling.  Albiet it won't look exactly as you intended, the CSS3 generator attempts to give you code that will work in old version of IE and Firefox.

When you get a chance, check it out and have it do all the work for you!  It's a great tool to have bookmarked so that next time your want to quickly generate CSS for gradients or rounded corners, you can simply move some sliders and viola, out comes your CSS3 code.


Dave said...

This is nice. Saves time and, lets be honest, I wouldn't bother with a lot of these CSS options otherwise.

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