September 12, 2012

Why "The 2nd Law: Unsustainable" Sucks

The Muse preorder is available right now, and to promote it, Muse has put "The 2nd Law: Unsustainable" up on YouTube.  It comes with a music video; 3:48 minutes of boring, thoughtless, stupid, and utterly awful visual sequences that feels like an automaton put together.

The song is filled with unoriginal cliches of "edgy" song writing and sounds.  The song is modeled after the genre of music called dubstep: containing digitized sounds, "wubs" and the infamous drop.  The song sports a lifeless, cold, and boner-killing lady that comments on how the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics makes our society... and then a dubstepping robot steps up and wubs "UNSUSTAINABLE."

Did you get it? Did you?! Muse used science to show us that our society is wrong!

Ooooo how edgy, how bold.  How can we make even more bold?!  THROW IN SOME VIDEO OF THE STOCK EXCHANGE AND TANKS AND SHIT.


This shit isn't bold.  This isn't edgy.  This shit is a weak and watered down version of what a band thinks is edgy and will sell albums.  What do people like these days?  They like hating politics and love loving dubstep.  LET'S JUST SHOVE THAT SHIT INTO ONE SONG AND CALL IT A DAY.

But enough yelling, let me explain why I hate this song.

First off it's boring.  The song is clearly trying everything in its power to change a boring political message into something people will want to listen to.  There's an orchestra playing sixteenth notes at a fast tempo.   The best part of the song is the first 30 seconds before all the shit gets in the way of the strings and soft chorus. The strings become so overpowered by all the other elements that they have no room to breath.  There's a chorus, horns, and a bunch of other shit in the way.

And then the vocals begin.  The vocals are so dull, boring, and stupid that it I almost couldn't finish the song. A lifeless woman starts talking about the second law of thermodynamics it a monotone voice that's computerized to hell.

And then a compturized shit starts dubstepping around like a child on crack.  I'm not even kidding you.  The computer starts singing in a stupid voice (and all it says is "UNSUSTAINABLE"), flopping around on the screen like a limp dick.  This is what killed the song for me.  I'm not one who loves dubstep, but I appreciate it.  I've listened to hours of it and I know good dubstep from bad dubstep.  And let me put it this way: this song is bad dubstep.

There is so much that is wrong with this song: from the so-called edgy lyrics and imagery, to the horrible attempt at what is clearly supposed to be dubstep.

But many people will defend Muse and their pile of shit by saying things like:

I still don't understand how anyone can not like this. Muse hasn't 'sold out' as some say, or anything of the sort. This is simply the type of music they have decided to use for this album. Their want to constantly write music in a different style, and their actual ABILITY to write incredible music in that style should be enough to put anyone into awe at the epicness that is the Muse.
If you can't applaud the artists song, applaud their ability to constantly evolve the way they want.
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Sorry to break to you guys, but this is dubstep. Everyone can lie to themselves since they can't enjoy the idea that Muse switched genre. I personally don't like this song, even after listening to it a couple of times. It is pretty bad, honestly. However, compared to this, the song madness is fucking amazing, even if it is pop. Just don't hate muse because they switched, hate them if they make bad music, and don't enjoy the song because it is by muse, enjoy it because it is actually good.


Anonymous said...

I don't like this song much. Infact, it is awful, and uninspired. HOWEVER, NONE OF THE DUBSTEP SOUNDS ARE DIGITALIZED. Its all from the Kaoss Pad on Matt's guitar. If you have ever seen them live, they do similar "jam" sessions in-between songs. I am disappointed that they made a song from it.

So yeah, its shitty dubstep, but dubstep that can and will be played lived with actual instruments.

Ivan Montiel said...

Thanks for pointing that out, I did completely forget to mention that the shitty dubstep sounds aren't completely digitized by a computer, but are rather filtered noises that come from his guitar.

Zbro said...

this whole album is just very very poor in my opinion. half the songs bellamy sounds like he is trying to one up david bowie. unnecessary. garbage.

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