October 26, 2014

Pitch Yourself in 30 Seconds: A Career Guide

A 30 second commercial to introduce yourself is a perfect way to practice what to say when people at career fairs, conferences, and meetings ask "Tell me about yourself."  Try following these bullet points, write down your answers, and practice saying them out loud.

Soon you'll be able to sell your skills in a short time and get better at pitching yourself.

  1. Introduce yourself: Hello my name is __________
  2. State what you are interested in: I am interested in __________
  3. Describe your experience or coursework:  I have experience in ___________
  4. State your strongest skills:  My strongest skills are ____________
  5. Say your curiosities: I am looking for more information about opportunities in __________

Hello, my name is Steve and I'm interested in Computer Science.  I have experience as a web application developer and have taken courses at State University where I have developed online applications.  My skills in analytic thinking, teamwork, and problem solving come into play on a daily basis while working.  I'm looking for more information about whether your company is hiring web application developers.

Notice the skills listed are not specific skills in certain technologies, but rather important core skills that employers are always looking for: problem solving, teamwork, communication.

Remember to follow up with your leads, no matter how small. 


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