August 24, 2011

Filler Articles: Guitar Hero

Man, I hate filler articles.  You know, those articles that are there just to fill up space because the author couldn't find time to write anything?  Or he just got super lazy?  Yeah, I'm sure you hate them just as much as I do, so, without further ado...


Say it isn't so!  I know, I know, I don't like it either. But school and work have been getting in the way of writing, so, yeah, it came to this: a filler article.

Before I continue, I guess I should pick a topic for this filler article.  I'd normally default to cats, but I just did an article on kittens, so that won't do.  Second is programming, but this blog is rife with programming articles already, and I don't really feel like researching anything that could be of importance.  The last thing I usually revert to are things I hate, but I don't really have anything I hate at the moment.

Therefor, I will default to Guitar Hero.

I recently brought my old PS2 to my apartment, which I had Guitar Hero I, II, and III for.  Of course, after a long day of listening to stupid kids in classes, it is pretty fucking tempting to play.  That little toy guitar calls your name like a siren on a beach.  And pretty soon you're steering you wooden boat into rocky shores because you're just that tired from the day.

Anyway, the point is I started playing the damn game again with my roommate.

There was a slight problem: I only had one controller.  Thus, our mission became clear: we needed to buy a second controller...

And thus began an adventure that separates the children from the men that really, really want to play co-op on little miniature guitar controllers.

It was 8:30 pm.  We didn't know whether Gamestop would be open (since that is our usual default for game purchases), and thus I googled their hours on my new phone. They close at 9:00pm.  The closest Gamestop was a couple of miles away.  And thus we ventured as quickly as possible to Gamestop in order to acquire an ax worthy of our sophisticated Playstation 2 tastes.

No man or machine could stop us.  We drove with purpose.  We drove with the taste of plastic, miniature guitar controllers on our tongues.

We arrived at Gamestop with mere minutes to spare, only to find that they no longer sold PS2 controllers of any sort.  Disappointed, we decided to head back to the apartment.

But then it hit us: Bookmans. YES! BOOKMANS WOULD HAVE PS2 GUITAR HERO CONTROLLERS!!! (For those unfamiliar with what Bookman's is, it's a trade-in store where you can trade in books, games, etc).

After storming over to the nearest Bookmans, we immediately rushed to the game corner of the store, only to find that they had absolutely no PS2 Guitar Hero controllers.  So what did we do?  We bought two Xbox 360 controllers and Guitar Hero World Tour for the Xbox.

And, I guess you know how the rest of the night ended up...

This is what we looked like if we were girls.
On second thought... never mind, this is what we looked like.


Skylark Lenny said...

LOLOL Driving with a purpose XD Your blog updates are awesome lololol

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