August 24, 2011

Unsubscribed to EpicMealTime

Holy fuck, I didn't think I'd ever actually unsubscribe to a channel, but these bastards finally made me angry enough to unsubscribe.  These guys have become so full of themselves that they no longer even attempt to top their last "epic" video (epic being used in the loosest meaning of the word).  The videos have become increasingly stale as they attempt to push out another Epic Mealtime weekly.

There also seems to be a pressing issue with these guys: there are a lot of them working on one channel that only puts out a video once a week.  Now, I'm no economist, but I'd have to say: this business model just doesn't work.  You can't hope to recoup the losses that one accumulates from spending money on bacon on other meat products (which, is in part what is supposed to make their meals epic) from just revenue generated from ads and Youtube partnerships.  It's just not feasible.

That's why they've started placing tons of ads into their video.  I'm not talking about those pop up ads. No, they actually stop what they're doing to tell you to go to netflix dot com forward slash go-fuck-yourselves.  Seriously, I'm trying to watch you guys eat yourselves into a coma.  I don't want to hear you say an ad for Gamefly, or Amazon, or Netflix or what ever else you fucks can think of to try to generate money.  Those pop-up ads are annoying enough as it is.

So, that's why I've unsubscribed.  But, let's take a moment to look back at what Epic Meal Time used to be...


Skylark Lenny said...

Lol your voice in these posts is so hilarious, I had to stop from laughing in this quiet classroom setting. 15 mins till it starts :p

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