December 25, 2011

A Look At Web Programming: Part 1

An Introduction To HTML, Javascript, and PHP


This series is designed to help teach you how to develop a complete website using HTML 5, CSS, Javascript, and basic PHP.  While it may seem like a lot to handle, we’ll take it one step at a time.  By the time you are done with this series, you will have an understanding of how each of these languages work together in order to create a web application.  In these lessons, you’ll not only learn syntax, but also architectures and design patterns.  

In order to help you see progress and become more proficient, this book is split into lessons which each have a specific goal and purpose.

Should I Read This?

This book is geared towards people who have little to no knowledge of developing web applications for the Internet.  This book will not assume any previous knowledge of any of the topics discussed within the lessons.  This book starts from the beginning and teaches you both the languages and concepts involved with creating a web application.

Why Should I Learn HTML 5, CSS, Javascript, and PHP?

With so many services out there that allow you to create web applications with absolutely no programming knowledge, why should you spend time learning how to make your own web application?  As with everything, knowledge is power.  With even a basic understanding of these languages, you’ll be able to modify and customize web applications to suit your needs.  And if you decide to create your own web application, you’ll have the knowledge of the necessary tools to do so.

Likewise, learning these languages will help you with similar languages.  Learning HTML markup will help you with XML, and PHP and Javascript will help you with other programming languages.  

There is also the beauty of web programming: portability.  All the user needs is a browser and they are able to view your web application.  No matter what operating system the user is on -- whether it’s OS X, Windows, Linux, or Android -- they’ll be able to view and use your website!


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