December 26, 2011

A Look At Web Programming: Part 2

In these upcoming section, you’ll learn the basics of HTML and what features are available in HTML 5.  We’ll create a basic HTML template file and learn how to set up a page with text and bring it up in a browser.


In order to begin programming, we’ll need a plain text editor.  Programs like Word or OpenOffice do not save your document as plain text; it adds special characters for formatting. It’s much easier and preferable to use an editor made for programming; however Notepad or TextEdit will work just fine.

When programming, it’s usually best to find a text editor that suites your need and style.  While you may be able to get through this section with a plain text editor such as Notepad (for Windows) or TextEdit (for Mac), it is recommended that you download and install an IDE (Integrated Development Environment).  Since we will eventually be working with PHP, a recommended IDE is Eclipse PDT ( which is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


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