January 19, 2012


Just experimented with the jQuery Plugin called Lazy Load.  It's actually pretty neat.  It delays loading images until the user scrolls to see them.  I've added it to TurS since I didn't want to bog down the user's browser with a bunch of images to load.

The current set up for TurS displays ALL items that the user owns, which once it gets into the 100s will really slow down the user's browser.  Eventually there will be paging done, but I think paging will work by sending all the items' information to the browser -- since each item is usually just the title, isbn, and a short description -- and lazy loading the images.

I'll have to run the website with a lot of items on some different computers to get a sense of how slow it'll be; but I think modern browsers should be able to load 1000s of lines of text with out any problem.

If actually loading all the items is an issue, I'll probably have the page load, and then do a long poll to grab all the items asynchronously.  That should solve any issues that come down the road.  And, as a plus, I've already written a long polling script for use with jQuery in an earlier project I've worked on.

I should really post the code to that and make it open source...


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