January 20, 2012

Website Speed Run

I told my coworker that I could make a professional looking website in one day (or about six hour since it was going to be done after work).  I'll mark my progress here.

I'm starting at 9:21 pm my time.  Just popped in "Knocked Up" into my computer so I'm going to be watching Seth Rogen for a good hour and thirty minutes of this website speed run.

The plan is to:

  1. Set up the subdomain.
  2. Get a Bootstrap template from Twitter.
  3. Get a custom style from jQuery.
  4. Create a generic template for the website.
  5. Create the necessary graphics.
  6. Create the main page, about page, contact page.
  7. Create the actual content pages.
  8. Go to sleep.
Time starts now.


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