March 14, 2012

Why You Can't Complain

Jeff Jacques and some blogger complained about a guy who is selling an app that scrapes webcomics from sites and displays them on his app next to ads.

To who ever made that app: fuck yeah.

That's fucking capitalism right fucking there. 

This mother fucker saw a market and took it. 

Fuck all the comic artists who are complaining about this.  This is the free market.  Deal with it.

Here are the arguments against this app:

  • In other news, robbing a bank is “helping them gain exposure”.

First off, fuck you.  Second, false analogy.  This is not like robbing a bank.  This is like noticing that people like to view shit on their phones and making an app that lets people view shit on their phones.  Holy fuck, who ever made that connection is fucking brilliant.  I'd claim credit, but the guy that made the app that these people are chattering about already beat me to it.

  • they are being stolen from 
Oh please.  The majority of money these comic artists make is through merchandise sales.  Unless this app guy is selling bootleg merchandise, please kindly remove your head from your ass.

Here are some of my arguments FOR the app:

  • It shows that there is a market for this sort of thing.  Some one, some where thought this app was a good idea.  Probably because it was a good idea.  People like convenience, and a lot of these comic websites are not optimized for mobile phone browsing.  So, if anyone is to blame for this app, its the comic artists.

  • It shows how lazy comic artists are to do things other than make comics.  If you REALLY cared about this app, then you'd do the most obvious solution: make your own app that's better.  You know, it's kind of how capitalism and the free market works.  It's also how you make money off of your comics.

  • It shows how clever people are.  This guy who made the app is pretty God damn clever if you think about it.  "I'll just make a RSS feed app... but for mother fucking comics." Fuck, I wish I thought of that.

Anyway, if any comic artists actually read this: stop reading this and make an app for your fucking comics.


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