January 20, 2012

Website Speed Run: Lambda Cloud

I have just finished a basic "professional" looking website in under 3 hours.  The official ending time is 11:58 pm, January 20, 2012. 

Time to tell the full story of "Lambda Cloud."

At a meeting at work today, I came up with the idea to combine as many buzz words as possible into a company name, slogan, and tagline.  The result was:

Lambda Cloud
Cloud computing for the formulation of computational recipes for future innovation.
"The Future Is Cloud."

I told my coworkers that I could get the website done in one night.  Well, it's done.  If I wanted to add a shopping cart, I could take an extra 3 hours to add it in. And if I wanted to add some sort of Contact Form, I could take another hour.  However, I won't, because the website is just a simple joke.

I tackled this by thinking of what pages I wanted: Home, About, Contact, Products.  Then, I figured I'd write as little code as possible to get it done as fast as possible.  Thus, I obviously thought: jQuery + jQuery UI.  I then remembered a template I had just recently found called Bootstrap by Twitter.  That meant that I would also need Less CSS, which is completely ok with me because it's such a great tool. I also decided to throw in Modernizr because, why the hell not.

With everything downloaded and included in the project, the game was on. The rest was just laying out the pages and thinking of the most generic, buzz word filled text possible.

And thus, Lambda Cloud was born.

Website Speed Run Updates:


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